Residents of Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization Bukit Timah Near to Transport Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)

Residents of Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization Bukit Timah Near to Transport Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)

Residents of Hillhaven at Hillview are not only well-served by public transportation, but they also benefit from quick access to some of Singapore’s major expressways. Only a short drive away are the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). With these expressways, residents of Hillhaven have easy access to the larger road network in Singapore, which provides them with convenient routes to the Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, and other key parts of the city.

Hillhaven is blessed to be located near some of Singapore’s most remarkable nature reserves and parks. Just a few steps away is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a prized ecological haven that has been granted ASEAN Heritage Park status. An incredible diversity of plants, insects and wildlife live here, and the park provides numerous trails for those wanting to explore nature, as well as those looking for a leisurely stroll. Residents of Hillhaven can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace the natural beauty of this lush and biodiverse space.

St. Francis Methodist School, which is situated along Dairy Farm Road, is another outstanding school close to Hillhaven. It is a private institution that provides both pre-university and secondary education. The school is renowned for its challenging curriculum which helps students prepare for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations and also incorporates character-building programs to shape well-rounded individuals.

The tranquil atmosphere of Hillhaven Condo is far from being remote or isolated. Instead, it boasts of modern facilities to cater to the needs of its residents. Shopping centers like HillV2 and the Rail Mall are home to a variety of retail outlets, eateries and other services, offering convenience and pleasure. For those seeking more variety, the vibrant Orchard Road shopping district is just a short drive away, providing an unlimited selection of entertainment, shopping and dining alternatives.

Hillhaven Condo provides an extraordinary opening for Sekisui House and Far East Organization to create an extraordinary housing development in the well-respected Hillview precinct. Imbedded in a rich verdant landscape and overflowing with modern facilities, Hillhaven Condo Estate in Singapore provides a one-of-a-kind living experience that offers tranquility and comfort in equal measure. With its close location to nature, well-structured transport network, quality academic institutions and a variety of lifestyle amenities, Hillview is treasured by its citizens for its unique qualities.
The development is well-served by a network of roads such as the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Kranji Expressway (KJE), providing excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore. Additionally, the Hillview MRT station, located on the Downtown Line, ensures a quick and easy commute to different parts of the city.

Just beside Hillhaven is HillV2, an important part of the Hillview neighbourhood. This two-storey mall offers a luxurious retail and lifestyle experience. The Rail Mall, located close to the Condo, offers an interesting strip mall atmosphere with its array of eateries, retail stores, and important services like clinics and supermarkets. Further up from Hillhaven is the West Mall, situated near the Bukit Batok MRT Station. Its seven-storey construction is filled with a wide variety of retail outlets, F&B outlets, a cinema, and even a public library, thus providing an extensive shopping experience.

Situated in close proximity to Hillhaven Condo, Rail Mall offers a unique blend of gastronomic delights. The Big Bern’s American Grill offers an array of hearty American meals while BlooiE’s Roadhouse provides an array of delicious Singaporean cuisine. Those looking for healthier options would likely be drawn to Cedele, the mall’s beloved café that specializes in wholesome, handmade dishes and organic coffee.

Living in Hillview Estate comes with its own set of unique perks. Not only is it known for its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, but it is also conveniently located near a number of shopping centres. These shopping complexes provide local residents with a variety of retail, dining, and leisure options, becoming a part of everyday life in Hillview Estate.

The shopping centres in the area offer a selection of stores and restaurants to choose from, allowing Hillview Estate’s residents to conveniently shop for everyday necessities, pick up a gift for a special occasion, or even go out for a meal. From high-end fashion to toys, electronic goods, and more, there is something for everyone. Additionally, there are plenty of options for leisure activities, such as fitness clubs and entertainment centres, making these shopping centres perfect for families who are looking for something to do in their downtime.

What makes these shopping centres so special is that they offer more than just retail and dining experiences. They have also become places of community and togetherness for the people of Hillview Estate. Whether it’s having a coffee with friends or taking a stroll around the local shops, the centres provide an opportunity for neighbours to socialise and come together.

In conclusion, the shopping centres near Hillview Estate provide a great combination of convenience and serenity. They offer not only a wide variety of shopping and dining options, but also act as vibrant community spaces for locals to interact and enjoy their leisure time. For Hillview Estate’s residents, these shopping complexes have become an essential part of their active and dynamic lifestyle.

Residents of Hillhaven have the benefit of having several schools in close proximity. This is advantageous for parents as they don’t need to worry about long commutes for their children, leaving them free to pursue other activities. Furthermore, being able to attend schools close to home is beneficial for students, allowing them to maintain a healthy balance between study, rest, and recreational activities.

Families looking to move to Hillhaven location may find it appealing due to the presence of several renowned educational institutions in the vicinity, such as the German European School Singapore and CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace. These quality educational facilities make Hillhaven a desirable choice for households with school-age children.
. It has been carefully preserved and is an interesting reminder of the past.

The Rail Mall boasts a distinct atmosphere, which makes it a popular destination for leisurely strolls and meals. Its old-style architecture, evoking memories of Singapore in the past, is complemented by an eclectic mix of dining and shopping options. Cafes like ‘Cedele’ and ‘The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’ have become a staple here, adding to the vibrancy of the area. Adding to its charm is its historical connection to the old KTM railway line – a reminder of its past that has been carefully preserved. All in all, the Rail Mall offers something unique and its attractive features make it an ideal spot for a casual outing.

The Kranji Expressway (KJE) offers convenient access to the northern and western regions of Singapore, thus boosting Hillhaven Condo’s overall connectivity. Additionally, with the impending completion of the North-South Corridor, a major expressway, residents in the Hillview Estate area will be able to enjoy faster, more direct access to the city and northern parts of the country.

Hillview Estate, with its mix of nature, convenience, and ongoing development projects, might be poised to experience appreciation in its property values, making it a smart choice for those looking to invest.

Hillhaven Far East Estate, though close to nature, is by no means short of modern amenities. HillV2 and the Rail Mall are both popular shopping spots, with a variety of outlets for retail, dining, and other essential services. A short drive away is Orchard Road, a bustling shopping district.

Located a mere few steps away from Hillhaven, Hillview Park Connector provides a convenient, green passage for locals to embark on walking, jogging or cycling activities. Residents can easily connect to Zhenghua Park and the Bukit Panjang Park Connector, greatly enhancing their access to these recreational areas and outdoor activities.

Hillgrove Secondary School, situated in close proximity to Hillhaven Estate, is renowned for its focus on the development of character. Its broad and balanced curriculum cultivates students to be creative, moral, and socially aware citizens.

Hillhaven Condo is the perfect marriage of urban residential living and nature’s tranquility. Located close to some of Singapore’s most esteemed green spaces, it provides a living experience that embraces both the convenience of city life and the calm of the natural world. Residents are continually delighted by its lush landscape, which offers an oasis of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, fitness guru, or simply seeking a peaceful living environment, Hillhaven is a green paradise, tailored to suit your needs.

Hillview Condo is a true gem, located right beside a range of nature reserves such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Park, and Bukit Batok Nature Park. It is an idyllic retreat that offers residents a chance to live in harmony with nature, to start the day with a morning hike or to simply take a break and immerse in the peacefulness of the environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Hillview stands out as the ideal residential area for those searching for some peace and quiet, whilst still being in the midst of an urban area.

West Mall is renowned for its broad range of options. It’s the perfect destination for fashionistas, foodies, fun-seekers, and even those looking for educational resources. It truly stands out as a bustling and vibrant centre, with its inclusion of a cinema and a public library.

The luxurious Hillhaven Condo by Far East is an idyllic residential neighbourhood that provides a harmonious blend of urban living and natural beauty. Boasting lush foliage and abundant wildlife, this tranquil environment is the perfect refuge from the noise and chaos of the city. Residents of Hillhaven enjoy the privilege of living within a rich and diverse natural landscape, surrounded by open spaces and untouched natural surroundings. Hillview celebrates the beauty of nature, creating an environment that is truly unique and unspoiled.

Residents of Hillhaven Condo are able to take advantage of its close proximity to various nature reserves, including Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Park, and Bukit Batok Nature Park. With these reserves nearby, residents can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and bird watching, or simply appreciate the serenity that these green spaces offer.
The train network is also connected to the North-South Line, making it possible to get to Orchard Road and Little India with ease.

The Hillview MRT station’s close proximity to Hillhaven Far East Condo makes it an ideal residential location. Residents can enjoy the convenience of traveling to the Central Business District (CBD) quickly, as the Downtown Line provides high-speed service. With the North-South Line connected to the Downtown Line, accessing popular destinations like Marina Bay, Chinatown, Orchard Road, and Little India is a breeze. From Hillhaven Far East Condo, all these areas can be reached in just a few short minutes.
It’s a great spot to grab a bite and hang out with friends or even do some work.

If you’re looking for a cozy café that offers local items, Hillview Bakery and Café is the place for you. Their freshly made bread, pastries, coffees, and teas make for a special café experience. Not to mention, the atmosphere of Hillhaven adds to the welcoming ambiance of the establishment. It’s an ideal spot to catch up with friends, get work done, or just relax.

The Hillhaven area is a great place for those who love wine and Western cuisine, thanks to the famed Wine Connection Bistro. Not only is it a fantastic dining destination, but it has also become a community hub; many locals can be found here, enjoying leisurely evenings or marking special occasions.

Hillhaven has much to offer in terms of nature reserves and parks, as well as lush green landscaping found throughout the residential area. Its streets are lined with trees, gardens are exquisitely kept, and open spaces offer a pleasant atmosphere, thereby creating a refreshing and healthy living environment.

Just a short drive from Hillhaven is the Singapore Quarry Park, a relaxing, secluded area that’s perfect for bird-watching or a tranquil afternoon picnic. It’s the ideal spot for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Hillhaven at Hillview Rise is home to a thriving café culture, with many trendy cafés for visitors to pick from. One of the most popular is the Dean & DeLuca café, a New York-based gourmet café renowned for its top-notch coffees and delicious pastries. Its warm and inviting atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and have a chat with friends, or host informal business meetings.

The Hillview Estate is enriched by the presence of these schools, which contribute to a strong sense of community. Local school events, fairs, and festivals are often transformed into community-wide activities, creating a dynamic, lively, and involved neighbourhood.

Families residing in the Hillhaven area can avail of a variety of academic opportunities, spanning from primary to tertiary education. Notable institutions in the vicinity include Lianhua Primary School, Hillgrove Secondary School, German European School Singapore (GESS) and St. Francis Methodist School.

At Hillhaven Condo by Far East, residents experience a wonderful blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. Not to mention, the exceptional educational infrastructure in the neighbourhood that is provided by prestigious academic institutions. This makes it an optimal choice for families that put a high emphasis on an excellent education. Thus, for the people who live in Hillview Estate, the saying ‘home is where the heart is’ could just as easily be ‘home is where the school is’.
Since it’s located in the Hillhaven Condo vicinity, many international families live nearby and send their children here. GESS has a wide range of academic, art, sports, language, and other activities which helps kids to develop their skills. All these activities are offered under the guidance of a host of professionals from different disciplines. The school also encourages students to participate in various community activities and gives them the opportunity to explore different cultures and environments. The diverse student population makes GESS a unique school in Singapore.

The German European School Singapore (GESS) is an important education institution in the vicinity of Hillhaven Condo. It is an international school offering a comprehensive curriculum from pre-school to the secondary level according to the International Baccalaureate (IB) system. As the area is populated by many international families, GESS is ideal for those seeking a global curriculum. The school is renowned for its multicultural environment and making global awareness and inclusivity a priority for students. GESS hosts a wide variety of academic, creative, language, sport, and other activities to develop students’ skills under the supervision of a professional team. It also supports students’ engagement in various community projects, exposing them to different cultures and communities. The diversity of its student population makes GESS a unique school in Singapore.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has successfully tendered out the Hillhaven Condo at Hillview Rise, with Far East Civil Engineering (Pte.) Limited and Sekisui House, Ltd. emerging as the highest bidders. The site, having been made available under a 99-year lease agreement, was put up for tender on August 31, 2022 with the bidding process concluding on November 3, 2022.

In summary, Hillhaven Condo’s closeness to numerous great restaurants and cafes adds to its appeal as a desirable living option. Not only do its residents have a veritable foodie paradise right outside their front door, but it also brings a lively, community-focused atmosphere to the Hillview Estate, making it a true home away from home.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore has achieved its goal of creating a high-quality living environment with the excellent connectivity and transport networks that are available at Hillhaven Estate. There are numerous public transport options, and this strategic location is close to the major expressways, making it an easy and efficient way to reach any of the many parts of Singapore. From the bustling Central Business District, educational institutes, shopping centers, and popular attractions, Hillhaven Estate is a residential area perfectly connected to the life of Singapore.

Situated in a prime location, Hillhaven Condo offers its residents easy access to several well-established shopping centres. These include HillV2, The Rail Mall, and West Mall, each providing a distinctive shopping experience to suit various needs and tastes. With Marina Gardens Condo a wide range of retail outlets, eateries, entertainment spots, and essential services readily available, Hillhaven Condo is an ideal place for those looking for convenience and comfort.

Hillhaven Condo is a distinguished residential area in Hillview that boasts modern amenities and great connections with other parts of Singapore. Its luxurious living spaces, set in picturesque green surroundings, have evolved over the years to give its residents enhanced access to the city-state. Hillhaven Condo is a premier example of modern Hillview living.

Hillhaven is renowned for its selection of dining options, which span the spectrum of culinary experiences. From upscale restaurants and chic cafés to casual eateries and takeaway spots, Hillhaven provides the perfect setting for any kind of dining, whether it be for a special occasion, a relaxed brunch, a swift coffee break, or a quick bite. No matter the occasion, Hillhaven is sure to have something to satisfy every palate.

Hillhaven, located amidst the lush greenery of Singapore’s western region, offers its residents an idyllic combination of quietude and urban facilities. The area is especially renowned for its close proximity to a variety of excellent restaurants and cafés, which appeal to an extensive selection of food lovers and coffee connoisseurs.

The presence of public transportation modes at the Hillhaven Condo not only reduces traffic on the roads, leading to a more eco-friendly living environment, but it also makes life easier for residents who don’t own a car. It enables them to have cost-effective and efficient commutes on a daily basis.
Additionally, HillV2 has an exciting selection of fashion brands such as Diesel, Coach, Prada, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Those searching for a luxurious shopping experience will find HillV2 an ideal spot. The shopping centre boasts a spacious layout, a variety of dining options, and upscale retail stores. One of the highlights is the ‘Marketplace’ by Cold Storage supermarket, while a variety of eateries offer a range of cuisines. Moreover, fashion aficionados will be spoilt for choice with the brands on offer, including Diesel, Coach, Prada, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Hillhaven Condo is conveniently located near several bus stops, making the commute to various parts of Singapore more accessible. Residents can take 173, 176, 177, and 963 buses to get to places like Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Jurong East, HarbourFront, and more. This complements the MRT services available, providing residents with convenient and flexible travel options depending on their destination, timing, or personal preference.
The included retail amenities will bring more convenience to the neighborhood.

The planned integrated transport hub at Beauty World will be a major enhancement to the area’s connectivity. This hub will offer a smooth link between the MRT, bus interchanges, and the retail amenities of Hillhaven Condo, improving convenience for the local community. Moreover, the retail component of the transport hub will bring in greater convenience to the neighborhood.
It’s also home to a variety of flora and fauna, and guided tours are available in the park.

Located in close proximity to Hillhaven is the exquisite Hindhede Nature Park, renowned for its tranquil and gorgeous scenery. It caters to visitors of all ages with its easy trails and well-equipped playgrounds, making it an appropriate destination for family outings. The park’s focal point, the glamorous Hindhede Quarry, beckons to photography buffs and nature aficionados with its eye-catching vistas. It is also a habitat for a myriad of plant and animal life, and guided tours can be arranged within the park.

Hillhaven Condo is an ideal option for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle, offering a serene residential atmosphere with its low-density development. By escaping the typical hustle and bustle of urban life, residents in this neighbourhood can enjoy a peaceful and peaceful lifestyle.
Visitors can also take part in activities such as guided tours, bird watching, fishing, and even night safaris. Additionally, Hillhaven has a variety of other attractions including a mini-golf course, a playground, and a petting zoo.

Not far from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve lies Hillhaven, home to the Dairy Farm Nature Park. Here, visitors can embrace Singapore’s natural and farming background. The Substation Garden provides informative insights for those eager to learn, while the Wallace Education Centre is excellent for understanding the area’s local ecosystem. If you’d prefer to explore the park for yourself, you can take part in a guided tour, do some bird watching, fish, or take a night safari tour. Activities like mini-golf, a playground, and a petting zoo also await at Hillhaven.

Situated at Bukit Batok Street, Lianhua Primary School is one of the most sought-after primary educational institutions in the vicinity. Its faculty is renowned for its dedication and commitment to providing a learning environment where students can excel academically as well as gain key life skills. The school’s student-centric curriculum focuses on a holistic development system that allows its students to reach their full potential.

Hillhaven offers a great variety of residential options, ranging from private condominiums, apartments and landed properties, to suit every housing preference and budget.

The attraction of Hillhaven’s culinary scene is its variety; it provides a gastronomic adventure that spans from local to foreign cuisines. Within HillV2, the lifestyle mall found in Hillhaven Condominium, are many upscale eateries. Renowned iO Italian Osteria serves up scrumptious authentic Italian fare, complemented by an old-fashioned interior. For individuals desiring Asian flavors, Joyden Canton Kitchen has a selection of delightful Cantonese specialties that will please both classic and modern foodies.

The dining establishments in Hillhaven are more than just about food; they foster a sense of community among residents. Providing a warm and inviting atmosphere accompanied by excellent service, these eateries become an extension of people’s homes, making them feel welcome and comfortable. The social hubs they create serve to bring the neighborhood together, strengthening the overall community feel in Hillhaven.

The Hillview Estate in the west of Singapore offers an idyllic residential precinct with a wonderful combination of serenity and urban amenities. One of the main attractions of this area for many residents is the various shopping centres which have been established to satisfy both daily requirements and leisure pursuits, making it a delightful and easy place to live. Hillhaven Condo is the perfect example of luxury living in the Hillview Estate.

Positioned strategically in a bustling area, Hillhaven Condo has a wide range of amenities that make it a great pick for families. One standout benefit is its proximity to many renowned educational establishments, giving households staying in Hillhaven Condo a great convenience, as well as the benefit of having access to several of Singapore’s top educational resources.

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