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Reasons to Upgrade to a Development in Jurong East

4 Reasons to Upgrade to a Development in Jurong East

Whether you’re looking for a new home or an investment property, there are many reasons to consider a development in Jurong East. Here are some of them: Quality office space, Attractive homes, Integrated transport corridor, and Maritime sector. All of these advantages are important factors in making a smart investment decision.

Integrated transport corridor

There are a lot of advantages to upgrading to a development in Jurong East. First of all, it is near a future integrated transport corridor, the North-South Corridor. This new corridor will connect the north and the south, relieving congestion on the Central Expressway. Second, it will have continuous bus lanes and cycling trunk routes. It will also allow for easier commutes, as well as better air quality and noise pollution.

The Jurong East bus interchange will be relocated from its current location to a location opposite the JEM Mall. This new bus stop will allow for more convenient travel, as it will be located closer to the Jurong East MRT Station. Additionally, two bus stops will be upgraded and full-day bus lanes will be installed on Jurong Gateway Road. While most bus services will continue to run from the existing interchange, the LTA is making necessary adjustments to ensure that passengers are comfortable and can travel on time. Moreover, the new bus routes will also help avoid the potential for traffic congestion in and around the bus interchange.

Quality office spaces

When it comes to finding quality office spaces in Jurong East, there are many different options to choose from. One option that is unique to this part of the city is a co-working space, or co-working community. These are designed to foster collaboration and innovation, and can be ideal for startups and small businesses. They are comfortable, spacious, and have natural lighting.

A recent acquisition by AEW of an office tower in Jurong East has made the area more attractive to companies looking for office space. The office building is linked to the Jurong East MRT station. This acquisition comes at a time when the demand for office space in Singapore’s suburbs is on the rise. While leasing rates in the central business district are high, cheap office spaces in the suburbs are appealing to local and foreign occupiers alike.

Attractive homes

There are a variety of housing options in Jurong East, from HDB flats to private condominiums. And while the number of private units is still limited, there are many projects planned for the area in the coming years. Some examples of such developments include Parc Oasis, The Mayfair, and Ivory heights. J Gateway is another development that will be built in the next few years. In addition to condominiums, you can also find shophouses in Jurong East.

Jurong East is a prime residential neighbourhood with good housing and access to major employment areas. There are a number of recreational options for residents, and the Jurong Lake District is emerging as a major regional centre. In addition, HDB plans to rejuvenate the surrounding housing estates, which will make for a better living environment in the future.

Maritime sector

The maritime sector is booming in Singapore, with 130,000 vessels making calls on the port every year. It accounts for about 7% of Singapore’s GDP and provides more than one hundred thousand jobs. The sector is expected to continue to grow. The Government has even announced plans to create 13,000 new jobs in the maritime and aviation sectors by 2025.

The maritime sector provides a wealth of employment opportunities, and the government has made efforts to attract more maritime companies to Jurong. With the Tuas Megaport, shipping cargoes are expected to double in size by 2016. This could increase rental potential for the area. Additionally, the Paya Lebar Air Base is scheduled to merge with the Tengah Air Base, freeing up space for new housing, office, and shops. The new town will also be free of aircraft that might disrupt residents’ daily lives, since the RSAF has made a point to minimize disruption in flight paths.

Quality homes

In Jurong East, a new nursing home has been opened which adheres to the enhanced nursing home standards. It is a charitable organisation that offers quality care for seniors. This nursing home also includes a dementia care ward. It was officially opened by All Saints Home Chairman Chua Hung Seng and the Minister of State for Health Dr Lam Pin Min. This new nursing home demonstrates the MOH’s commitment to providing quality care for seniors.

Jurong East is located on the west of Singapore and is one of the leading industrial estates and property regions in the city. The region is home to more than 80,000 residents and includes 23,379 HDB flats. In addition to being a great place for investment, it is also undergoing redevelopment to provide more jobs and recreational facilities.

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Tengah Garden Walk EC Hybrid Condominium Near to Jurong Region Line

Located in the heart of Tengah Town, Tengah Garden Walk EC is a mix between a private condo and an HDB flat. The development features a 20-hectare Central Park and a public amphitheatre. It will also be linked to a future MRT station. The Jurong Region Line is expected to service the development by 2026. Other amenities will include community farms and parks. Tengah EC is also expected to be a car-free town centre, which is a major plus for tenants.

While a private condo costs more than an EC, it is still a cheaper option for those who can’t stretch their cash too far. An EC can cost up to 20% less than a private condo. It is also worth mentioning that the HDB will provide a grant to purchase ECs, so buyers will not have to worry about paying any transfer charges.

ECs are known to be good value investments and are known for their good capital appreciation. They are similar to HDB flats, with the added benefit of government subsidies. They’re a good option for those who aren’t looking to move every two years. The downside, however, is that you won’t be able to rent out your EC. This means that you will have to make sure you’re able to afford the mortgage every month.

The major difference between an EC and an HDB flat is its ownership. ECs start out as HDB flats but will become private after 10 years. The main difference between an EC and a BTO flat is that an EC is not subject to the restrictions imposed by the HDB when it comes to selling. In fact, from the sixth to the 10th year, an EC is sold just like any other resale flat. But you should note that ECs are only available for Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. Also, you won’t be able to qualify for CPF housing grants if you buy one of these.

Tengah EC is a new development near the CBD. It is the first in the west region and will boast numerous green features and smart condominiums. Apart from green and sustainable living, it will have convenient access to the city centre. And it is one of the few executive condominium sites that are within walking distance of an upcoming MRT station. In fact, the location of the development will make it the perfect spot for commuters.

Residents of Tengah EC will enjoy the convenience of being close to amenities, including an MRT station. The area is also a short walk from a future car-free town centre. This is great for residents who love to cycle or walk, and will provide convenient transportation for those who need it. Tengah is also close to the Jurong Innovation District, which is an emerging hub for advanced manufacturing.

Tengah EC also offers a range of green living options, including a centralized cooling system and green features with smart features. The sustainability programs are designed to reduce landfill waste and promote healthy living. Residents will also enjoy access to public transportation and parking for free. Tengah is near a medical center, and is planned to have multiple facilities. This allows residents to live and work in an environment that is friendly to the environment.

The community is also close to several schools. Shuqun Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, River Valley High School, and Millennia Institute are all located within a 2-km radius of the EC. Residents of the area will also benefit from convenient access to the Pan-Island Expressway, Brickland Road, and Bukit Batok Bus Interchange. This location also boasts multiple shopping and dining options.

The EC is located on a plot of land that has been allocated under the Government Land Sales scheme. Tengah EC is the first EC in the area, and the development is a hybrid of public and private ownership. The development is expected to be well received, and is scheduled to be released in H2 2020. The building’s design is geared toward achieving BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS certification and a super low energy rating.

The Evergreen Forest Town, or TEC, is a sustainable town in the heart of the city-state of Tengah. Set amid the lush forests and surrounded by urban buildings, TEC aims to be a model for nature-themed metropolis living. Designed to be sustainable, TEC will be guided by the Smart HDB Town Framework. Tengah EC integrates green features such as automated waste collection and smart energy management into its town’s environment-themed theme.

The building is located on a triangular plot of land of 22,020 square meters and will feature 61,659 square meters of gross floor area. It will be the first EC in the western region of Singapore and is set to launch in early October 2019. The developer is Taurus Properties SG Pte Ltd, a joint venture between MCL and CDL.

The EC is conveniently located near several expressways. The Pan-Island Expressway (KJE), Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), and the Central Business District (CBD) are all within a few kilometers of the property. These expressways help commuters get to the city centre quickly and safely. Tengah Town also provides convenient access to the Red Line, which goes all the way to Woodlands and Jurong East.

Located at the heart of Tengah Town, TEC will provide residents with a variety of amenities and modern city living. Tengah EC will be near the Central Business District, Bukit Baok, and Jurong East MRT station. Tengah EC is a smart option for Singapore residents who are looking for a home in a city close to the city centre.

The town center at the new Tengah EC will be completely car-free, with a dedicated cycling and walking path and a central park. Residents will also have easy access to amenities such as schools and retail spaces without having to worry about traffic. The town center will be accessible to residents without requiring a car and will provide a greener environment. In addition, the project team has incorporated an integrated modeling approach to ensure a car-free town centre.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of 2022, with a total gross floor area of 61,659 square metres and twelve buildings with fourteen storeys. The site is near three MRT stations and the Jurong Region Line, making it convenient for residents to commute to the Central Business District (CBD) within 30 minutes. The town center will have a bike path for residents to enjoy the local greenery and other amenities.

As a result of the eco-friendly approach to the development, the roads of Tengah will run under the town centre. This will free up space on the ground level for pedestrians. In addition to providing safe walking and cycling routes, the town center will be equipped with medical facilities. A car-free town centre will encourage a more active lifestyle and reduce the need for public transportation.

The Tengah estate will cover a vast 700ha area. It will have a car-free town centre and will be home to a park and separate pedestrian streets. It is also a popular area due to its affordability and proximity to the Jurong East MRT station. The government is offering a large number of affordable condos and HDB flats in this area. It is slated to launch its first batch of HDB flats in 2018.

The EC is a new development, located near two MRT stations (Tengah Plantation and Jurong West) and a future MRT station. It is also close to a future car-free town centre and several expressways. This will provide easy access to public transportation, as well as many educational institutions. In addition, the EC will be located near public transportation links and plenty of outdoor space.

The development will be located within a 2km radius of the existing schools in Tengah. The local primary schools are Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. Juying Primary School will merge with Pioneer Primary School and move to the Tengah Plantation in 2025. Other schools nearby include Jurongville Secondary School, Hua Yi Secondary School, and Dunearn Secondary School.

The development will include a polyclinic and community club. It will also have a bus interchange. The future town centre will be pedestrian and cycle friendly, and will include a polyclinic and bus interchange. There will also be a school within 2 km of the town centre. The development also features a planned nursery school and primary school. In addition to the schools, the Tengah EC will also contain 12 plots of land zoned for education institutions.

This hybrid development is located near the Central Business District. It is also near the Chinese University. The development will have all the amenities of a modern city. In addition, it will be near a major transportation hub. This development is also near the Tengah Garden Walk road. However, the road has not yet been built yet, so construction is slow. The area is also close to three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line.

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